Patients Program

The Program consists in collecting funds for people who are seriously and chronically ill and in a difficult life situation. We purchase rehabilitation equipment, pay for medicines and therapies as well as all forms of treatment and rehabilitation that are unavailable or available to a limited extent through the state health service. For this purpose, we run our own collection portal called Become an Angel (

At the same time, we care about relations with our protegees. Our dream is to, apart from financial and material support, surround the foundation’s protegees with emotional and spiritual support and restore hope. The Pozytywka project was born out of the desire of all of us working in the foundation to be close to people, our protegees and to have relations with them. These are regular meetings for the protegees of the foundation, the purpose of which is to spend time together, get to know each other, exchange experiences and support. Each meeting has a slightly different character. Conversations, over coffee and cake, and a number of attractions for children are a permanent element of the meetings. We strive to make each meeting a unique atmosphere.