Project Under Wings

When I came to the foundation in 2021 as an employee, I was informed that the foundation’s plans are to start helping children from orphanages again. For many years, a group of volunteers visited orphanages and supported the children there. I liked the idea right away. We started with people whom we could help by collecting funds on our Zostań Aniołem portal.

In addition, in my head and heart an idea began to emerge that help for children from orphanages should take a slightly different form. I started with collecting information on the situation of foster care foster children becoming independent. The available materials and the previous experience of the foundation, which had been visiting children in orphanages for many years, confirmed that the situation of these young people after leaving foster care is very difficult. Left without family support, they face a number of problems, incl. lack of adequate housing conditions, return to a dysfunctional environment, adopting bad family patterns, low level of motivation to raise professional qualifications, difficulties in finding employment, inability to manage the funds received and, moreover, they are accompanied by a feeling of fear, rejection and loneliness.

Through the project Under the wings, we want to deal with it.
How? The basis of the project is to base the activities on an individual, positive relationship with a personal mentor who, by building relationships, will support the pupil becoming independent.
Moreover: identifying the right ways of coping in life, strengthening self-esteem, helping in choosing a professional or educational path, enabling the use of courses developing knowledge and skills needed in adult life.
I hope that with God, thanks to whom, I believe, this project took place, we will be able to save many people.
Although the project is very much needed, its implementation is not easy at all and we encounter many difficulties, such as the unwillingness of orphanages to participate in the project, obtaining funds to finance all objectives. But we assure you that we are not giving up …