Who am I

I am a graduate of Pedagogy – specialization in social work and health promotion and sociotherapy as well as postgraduate studies in the field of work management and human resources. Not sure what I want to do in my life, I chose pedagogical studies, but after graduating, I worked professionally for 10 years in a bank. I was looking for my place for a long time, what I should do, what I am created for …

After my conversion in 2019, I found myself at the Emmanuel Church, which works with the Bread of Life Foundation. I started to volunteer, initially distributing food to those in need. However, in 2021 I became an employee of the Foundation. I was entrusted with the Patients Program, consisting in the organization of fundraising for seriously and chronically ill people. In the meantime, new initiatives and ideas appeared – incl. Pozytywka and Under Wings projects.

Pozytywka are regular meetings for the protegees of the foundation, the purpose of which is to spend time together, get to know each other, exchange experiences and support. Each meeting has a slightly different character. Conversations, over coffee and cake, and a number of attractions for children are a permanent element of the meetings. We strive to make each meeting a unique atmosphere.
The Under Wings project is a response to the needs of children from orphanages becoming independent. The basis of the project is to base activities on an individual, positive relationship with a personal mentor who, by building relationships, will support the pupil becoming independent. We want to indicate the right ways of coping with life, strengthen self-esteem, help in choosing a professional or educational path, enable the use of courses developing knowledge and skills needed in adult life.

We react to the current needs of our protegees, new dreams appear – such as the willingness to support women who look after sick or disabled members of their families.