From corporation to foundation – my journey

I am a graduate of Pedagogy – specialization in social work and health promotion and sociotherapy, as well as postgraduate studies in the field of work and human resource management. Choosing my first studies, I had no idea for myself, for my professional future. It just dawned on me that I wanted to help others.

After my undergraduate studies, I moved from my hometown to Poznań, I wanted to work, study and live here. I was looking for a job to be able to support myself and I got a job in banking and I stayed in this industry for 10 years. At that time, I was trying to change something, to do something more in line with me and my talents.

I waited a long time for this, but everything came after my conversion. First, the church, the community I came to, then my involvement in the foundation as a volunteer, and finally my involvement as an employee. I was entrusted with the Protege Program, which consists in supporting seriously and chronically ill people through, among others, organizing fundraisers for them. In the meantime, new initiatives and ideas have emerged, e.g. the Pozytywka and Under the Wings projects. There was a lot going on, I met a lot of people, sometimes hard times and lots of blessings.

And so the adventure lasts for almost two years…

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