To help Evie

This story touches heart… I hope it will not leave anyone indifferent, because the funds we need to treat Eva are enormous. This little girl needs tremendous support, financial support and also our prayers.

Evunia has neuroblastoma, a deadly cancer that won’t give up.
The family heard this diagnosis in May 2021. Eva grew up like any other child, she was energetic, joyful, always curious about the world … And then she started complaining of tummy aches, she ate less and less, and a tumor appeared on her head. The family immediately went to the doctor. In the hospital, after the biopsy, they heard the diagnosis – neuroblastoma – stage IV.
The whole family was looking for a place where Eva would have a chance for treatment. They found one of the best clinics, specializing in treating this type of cancer – Hospital Sant Joan De Deu in Barcelona. It was these doctors who gave hope. They created a chance for Eva to be cured. In Ukraine where Eva comes from, palliative treatment is offered in such cases. Its main purpose is to alleviate the symptoms of cancer, accompanying symptoms, side effects of the therapies used, and to eliminate or reduce cancer pain.
Eva’s treatment continues. There is hope. The therapy works. During her nearly 12-month stay in Barcelona, Eva underwent several chemotherapy treatments, monthly operations, chemotherapy after switching on with immunotherapy and radiation therapy. Hundreds of tests, insertions, infusions, blood transfusions.
Eva continues to fight. She has a chance to be a completely healthy little girl. However, the money raised is currently not enought to cover all medical and rehabilitation costs…
You can find the whole story on the Zostań Aniołem page.

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