Polish-Ukrainian winter camp

Winter holidays are underway throughout Wielkopolska. Therefore, the leaders of Tomorrow Clubs from Ukraine have planned a 3-day winter camp for children from Ukraine and Poland. The program included games, sports, crafts, and Bible lessons. I had the pleasure of helping in these activities.

Who are the leaders and what is this club..?

Lena, Natasza and a few others, along with their families, fled the war in Ukraine. Christians involved in activities for children in Ukraine transferred it to Poland. They immediately began to operate and develop the club also here in Poland, not only for children from Ukraine but also with full openness to children from Poland so that they could get to know Jesus, and at the same time use many forms of interesting spending time. During their almost one-year stay, they managed to organize a summer camp, a Christmas Surprise, a winter camp, and the club’s meetings are held every Sunday. I am very impressed with their commitment. Although they are here, as they assume, temporarily, they have decided not to sit idly by. They want to serve not only children from Ukraine but also from Poland.

We can take an example from them.

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